Where to go on holiday in spring

Where to go on holiday in spring

  • Jordan Hoch
  • 03/12/24
Los Angeles California

Los Angeles, USA

In April, it's an opportune time for a journey to La La Land. The climate settles at a pleasant temperature, making it perfect for indulging in brunch outside at the trendy Silverlake spot, Sqirl. Afternoons can be spent wandering along Abbot Kinney Boulevard or discovering micro-breweries nestled in the Arts District. Evenings invite leisurely cocktails atop Downtown's Perch. For accommodations, the Hoxton's DTLA locale offers not only comfortable lodging but also boasts Instagram-worthy interiors and a rooftop pool, making it the preferred choice for many visitors during their next excursion.

Lakeside flora frame an idealic scene along banks of Lake Como.

Lake Como, Italy

A four-day Easter break is the perfect amount of time for you to explore and unwind with an Aperol. You can look forward to sailing the waters and hopping off at the colorful towns nestled along the water’s edge – Bellagio and Varenna should be at the top of your list. A great place to stay is Villa Lario! One thing you should book is lunch at Passalacqua. Picture yourself enjoying lunch on the terrace right by the water's edge – the fresh pasta looks absolutely delicious. After lunch, you'll leisurely wander through the manicured gardens, marvel at the opulent interiors, and settle under a parasol at the pool's edge for a relaxing afternoon.

South of France

South of France

The South of France is person for a long weekend filled with springy vibes, sunshine, sipping the palest rosé, indulging in gooey goat cheese salads, and strolling through vineyards. One of your top priorities should be securing a room at La Maison d'Ulysse, a charming farmhouse near Uzes, a picturesque Provençal town.

Westfjords Iceland

Reykjavík and Westfjords, Iceland

When you head to Iceland for the first time this spring, you'll be arriving right at the tail end of April and into early May. While the recommended time to visit the Arctic state is typically between June and August for the midnight sun and warmer weather, going in May will help keep the cost of your trip down. Additionally, it shouldn't be excessively cold or crowded at popular spots like the Golden Circle or Blue Lagoon, or on various tours such as whale-watching, volcano crater explorations, or glacier snowmobile adventures from the country’s capital.

Moreover, you'll have the chance to experience something truly unique. On Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2022, the inaugural Detour Discotheque will be taking place in the beautifully empty and immense Westfjords – touted as the most remote club night in the world. This promises to make your spring break in Iceland unlike any other.

Simon Leadsford chief business officer  Travel  Lifestyle  The cherry blossom in Japan during March and April must...

Kyoto, Japan

When you're in Japan during March and April, the cherry blossom viewing becomes the quintessential spring event. You'll find yourself surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of these blossoms, especially in the city of Kyoto, where stunning gardens and palaces await your exploration. If you're seeking an authentic Japanese experience, Kyoto is the ideal place to begin your journey.

Tabitha Joyce contributor  For me spring is all about skiing and for a snowsure ski trip before the end of April the...

Zermatt, Switzerland

In spring, your ideal getaway revolves around skiing, and if you're seeking a snow-sure destination before April ends, Zermatt beckons. With access to three diverse ski areas, including Italy's Cervinia, you'll discover numerous family-friendly slopes alongside extensive off-piste opportunities. The town itself is a picturesque gem: free from cars, it boasts charming narrow streets and horse-drawn sleighs. Surprisingly, Zermatt also boasts a thriving gourmet scene, both slopeside and in town. Treat yourself to a culinary adventure at Chez Vrony, where you can savor risotto with ceps and white truffle while enjoying breathtaking views of the iconic Matterhorn.

Steve King contributor  There's probably a medical term for it but don't you sometimes secretly long not to throw...

Arendal, Norway

Do you ever find yourself secretly longing, perhaps without knowing the exact medical term for it, not to embrace the warm, fragrant arrival of spring, but instead to relish a few more cozy moments nestled beneath your duvet with winter? If so, Northern Europe is the place for you. And one of the finest spots in Northern Europe to indulge in such a sentiment is at a simple waterfront café in the serene Norwegian town of Arendal. Picture yourself there, with a wooly blanket draped over your lap, the sunlight casting a gentle glow on the water, a comforting chill in the air, and the promise of spring nothing more than a distant whisper.

Tour Eiffel as seen from Montmartre Paris

Paris, France

Paris is the most magical city break! Blue skies, blooming flowers and a light breeze in the air made for perfect exploring weather. You can spend hours strolling from the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen down through the cobbled streets of Montmartre and then to the banks of the Seine. Your home base could be Le Marais – an area laden with unique shops, bakeries, cocktail bars and quintessential French cafes, where you lived out your Parisian dream, if only for one weekend.

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