Robert De Niro's New York Real Estate Empire

Robert De Niro's New York Real Estate Empire

  • Annie Osiecki
  • 07/9/23

Robert De Niro, the legendary actor and New York City native, has deep-rooted connections to his hometown. He once famously proclaimed, "There's no place like New York. It's the most exciting city in the world now. That's the way it is. That's it." With an unwavering love for the city, De Niro has not only invested his time and energy into the arts and culture scene but also established himself as a prominent figure in New York's real estate landscape. Let's take a closer look at some of De Niro's remarkable homes, including his stunning Greenwich Village penthouse.

One of De Niro's properties holds special sentimental value as it was passed down to him by his father, the late painter Robert De Niro Sr. Located in Montauk, this beach house served as an escape for De Niro Sr. from the bustling city life. Situated on 1.5 acres of beachfront land, the property features a 2,278-square-foot house and approximately 740 square feet of decking. Though not much is known about its aesthetics, De Niro attempted to demolish the existing structure in 2017 to construct a larger home, but his request was denied. Nevertheless, he still retains ownership of this residence.

In 1997, De Niro demonstrated his unwavering attachment to New York by purchasing an estate in Gardiner for $1.5 million. This property, spanning 78 acres, became his primary residence. The 2,222-square-foot house replaced the original 18th-century farmhouse and underwent renovations to accommodate his growing family. Today, it boasts six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a converted barn serving as a massive 14,000-square-foot recreation center, complete with a gym, boxing room, game room, swimming pool, sauna, basketball court, and even a small film studio. The grounds also feature two guest houses, a tennis court, and a small ski slope.

A view of  Robert De Niro’s land in the town. He has fought a $6 million assessment since 2010.

In the early 2000s, De Niro acquired a luxury apartment on Central Park West for a reported $23 million. Keeping most details about the fifth-floor residence under wraps, the actor's privacy was shattered in 2012 when a fire caused extensive damage to his home and a significant portion of the building. Fortunately, De Niro and his family were out of the country at the time. Forced to find temporary accommodations during the rehabilitation process, the incident drew considerable media attention.

Following the fire, De Niro and his then-wife Grace Hightower rented a stunning duplex penthouse in Greenwich Village. The building, originally a maraschino cherry manufacturing facility from the 1920s, boasted a unique layout. The contemporary penthouse featured an impressive two-story foyer with a wall of windows overlooking a meticulously landscaped interior courtyard. With three wood-burning fireplaces, five bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms, and 11,000 square feet of living space, the penthouse also offered an additional 5,200 square feet of private outdoor space. De Niro and Hightower resided there for two years before selling the penthouse for $18 million in 2018.

A view of Manhattan’s Central Park West, where De Niro owns a home 

Later in 2012, De Niro chose to rent a 6,000-square-foot full-floor apartment on Central Park West, paying a monthly rent of $125,000. Located on the 35th floor, the unit boasted five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and breathtaking views of the city, including Central Park, downtown Manhattan, and the Hudson River. Notably, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez was reportedly a previous tenant of this luxurious space. However, De Niro's time in the apartment was relatively short-lived, as the unit was listed for sale at $55 million by 2014.

Roberts De Niro’s West Village Penthouse that sold for $18M

De Niro's next endeavor involved his partial ownership of the Greenwich Hotel, where he commissioned renowned Belgian designer Axel Vervoordt and Japanese architect Tatsuro Miki to create a penthouse suite. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese concept of wabi, which appreciates beauty in imperfection, the 6,800-square-foot unit showcases an elegant aesthetic with neutral color palettes and the use of reclaimed materials such as wood and stone. The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom penthouse is available for guests to rent, but it's safe to assume De Niro finds solace and comfort there whenever he desires.

Inside Robert De Niro’s New York Penthouse at the Greenwich Hotel. A tranquil haven high in the sky created by Axel Vervoordt and Tatsuro Miki with Manhattan in full display.

Robert De Niro's extensive real estate portfolio in New York City is a testament to his deep love for the city and his unwavering commitment to his roots. From beach houses to penthouses, each property reflects his unique taste and dedication to creating homes that complement his lifestyle and family needs. As an NYC icon, De Niro not only talks the talk but truly walks the walk when it comes to embracing all that the city has to offer.

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